Met with Ian Adamson, Eamon O’Cuiv TD and Cllr Mary Hanafin at the Ian Paisley memorial last weekend    

I am  seeking assurances from the Regional Development Minister in relation to a long term project to reduce flooding in South Belfast.   Yesterday evening we witnessed another example of snap floods that cause havoc and distress to traffic and households in Belfast. I was in the constituency last night visiting constituents, and there is understandable […]

Need to introduce a policy to recoup costs from repeat false fire alarms A third of all call outs by the Fire Service are false fire alarms according to information received by my office. It has also been revealed that the Fire Service have no policy to recoup the costs associated with repeated false fire alarm […]

This mornings  announcements by Health Minister Jim Wells regarding childrens heart surgery and radiotherapy services underpin the potential to improve health services on a cross border basis. Cross border co-operation on health care is an area that I believe there should be greater emphasis on.  Whilst the priority must remain the needs of patients and service […]

It is a huge disappointment that Sinn Féin actually blocked the election of the SDLP nominee John Dallat MLA by putting party politics before principle. It is hugely disappointing that Sinn Féin would seek to block this watershed moment for our Assembly today. Now is the time for someone from the nationalist community to be […]

Today the Dept of Social Development have launched a public consultation to develop a framework plan for the development of Shaftesbury Square, Belfast.  I welcome any initiative that will guide planning and improvements to the area, which is key gateway to South Belfast. The ‘Golden Mile’ has undoubtedly stagnated over recent years, and this is an opportunity to forge […]

The absolute disdain that David Cameron and his party colleagues have shown for the Human Rights settlement that protects citizens here has been apparent for some time. His pre-election commitment to obliterating the Human Rights Act and suppressing the power of the European Court of Human Rights to hold the British Government to account for […]

I wish to pay tribute to Alex Salmond in the wake of his resignation as First Minister and as leader of the SNP following the success of the Better Together campaign in the Scottish Referendum. I fully understand Alex Salmond’s reasoning for taking a step back after a hectic campaign. He has set Scotland on a […]

“The Scottish National Party has shown how independence campaigns should be fought. It was a campaign where proper time and space was taken to debate the issues fully and this along with the incredibly high turnout has meant that the democratic process has been the true winner. The people of Scotland have engaged in a rational, […]

Visited the British Heart Foundation shop on Castle Lane recently and donated a bag of clothing  as part of a new campaign urging people to donate bags full of their unwanted items to BHF shops. The Campaign will  help fund further research into children born with congenital heart disease in Northern Ireland.   This September 150 children […]