The cuts announced by Queens University Belfast are big blow to third level education in the province, and are surely short sighted when we look at the long term needs of our society. These are cuts forced upon Queens by the executive budget, and highlights the real impact of austerity and cut backs. When the […]

Thanks to everyone who came out to support my South Belfast Campaign launch for the 2015 Election last night. SDLP Manifesto launch this morning.

Since its establishment, the SDLP has worked closely with the British Labour party on a wide range of issues, and we have found common ground on many of our core values. We are elected on our manifesto not someone else’s. We are not tied to another party. Whether Labour is in power or in opposition, […]

The report of the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee on the “on the runs” inquiry has further emphasised that the scheme was a backroom deal which has undermined the peace and political processes while letting victims down. As a member of the committee I have attended the evidence sessions going back to last summer, where we […]

It comes as no surprise to me that the DUP is now getting into bed with UKIP after it instigated such reprehensible electoral pacts with the Ulster Unionists. He certainly hasn’t publicised it himself but Peter Robinson has been having chats with UKIPs deputy leader about working together to bring about an early referendum on […]

There can be can be no more backroom deals on the issues which have been brought to crisis point by parties in the Assembly. I am calling for a a special Assembly committee to be urgently convened to deal with Welfare Reform. SDLP representatives had a very frank meeting with the Secretary of State this […]

Yesterday afternoon in the NI Assembly I had the opportunity to query the Environment Minister, Mark H Durkan MLA as to why it has been proposed to delist Kellys Cellars Belfast as an historic listed building. The Minister explained that this is party of an ongoing survey of such buildings in the City. He is […]

Yesterdays evening’s decision by Belfast City Council not to support the temporary closure of St Georges Market in June is welcome news for local traders. It was proposed to close the market for nearly a week to facilitate a business conference, with the traders being forced to move out. Myself and party colleagues, Fearghal Mckinney […]

British exit (Brexit) from the European Union would bring economic and political instability that would be disastrous for these islands. The European Union has been a cornerstone of establishing lasting peace in Ireland and will be a pivotal influence in the prosperity process that must now follow decades of violence induced stagnation. Our biggest challenge […]