Its good news that RTE have postponed the decision to shut the longwave radio transmitter. The signal was due to cease in mid January, and with the medium wave service having ended in 2008, it left listeners reliant on the FM signal. RTE have confirmed that the service will now be maintained to 2017, and […]

This week in the NI Assembly the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill was passed and it is¬†expected to receive Royal Assent in January 2015. Measures include new consolidated offences, changes to sentencing, new civil prevention Orders, measures to support victims and provisions to assist with the confiscation of criminal assets of those who traffic or […]

I noted with interest the announcement by the Health Minister Jim Wells of policy plans to introduce minimum unit pricing for Alcohol. This morning Jim Wells has re-opened the debate on minimum unit pricing for Alcohol in the North, signalling an intent to introduce a policy paper. This is something I had advocated¬†earlier in the […]

The SDLP have been very clear, the current draft Budget is flawed. The SDLP have cooperated at every stage of discussion but cooperation does not equate to subservience. Therefore I make no apology for the SDLP stance of opposition to the budget. The principle on which the SDLP amendment focuses is the need for the […]

Colleagues, Friends, I am honoured to address you all here today at the 43rd SDLP Conference. We are gathered for our conference in the middle of a challenging three year election cycle and a talks process which we hope will get us out of political gridlock: I want to talk to you today about: better […]

It was about time that the Talks process was intensified. Such intensification is necessary if we are to come to a comprehensive and decisive agreement. Today the parties focused on the Past. The SDLP were very clear with the other parties and with the British and Irish Governments that any roll back from the final […]