3 Ways Education Can Help A Nation To Become Developed

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May 26, 2018

Education is a basic human right and it is sad that many people around the world are deprived of this right. It is estimated that about 59 million children around the world are not going to school. The figure is very alarming and the governments of each country must take a drastic step to change the scenario. Here are the ways education can help a nation to become developed.

Escape from poverty

By not getting a proper education, people are losing the chance to get a decent job. They cannot support their family and develop the community. Education can make great changes to the lives of people. It will help get them jobs like roofing contractor or Telsa autobody painter. These good jobs will improve the status of their families.

The prosperity of the country

By not going to school, people are not learning the basic skills to work. If these people get the right education, they can fill up the gap in the labor market. They will learn problem-solving skills, critical thinking, etc. that are needed in the job market. They will become computer literate and will be able to adapt to the changing job market needs. Their skills can be utilized for the prosperity of the country. Quality education is directly related to economic and social development. Girls should also be sent to school. By allowing gender parity, a country will become more developed.

Learn functional skills

Education is not only necessary for getting a job. It will help people to lead and healthy and good life. They will learn the functional skill like photography. They will be able to take care of their health, know what to do when they face any danger, and more. The things they learn in schools and other educational institutions will become an asset for their entire life.

The job market is becoming short of labors like roofers. According to the International Labour Organization, about 280 million jobs will be required to be filled up by the year 2019. The government must work with various public and private sector organizations to ensure that quality education is provided to the people. These educated people will develop the nation and make it a better place to live in.

4 Recent Innovations In The Medical Field

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May 22, 2018

The medical field is becoming more advanced day by day. Marketing is becoming a regular thing and innovations in the field have resulted in some great progress in this sector. The scientists and researchers are always trying to find out innovative solutions to medical treatments. Here are some recent innovations you can expect in the medical field this year.


Chemotherapy is one of the main treatments for cancer. It has several side effects and the most common one is losing hair. ‘Scalp cooling’ is the latest innovation in this field and it lowers the scalp temperature before and during the process of chemotherapy. Even after the chemotherapy, the scalp temperature remains low. This way hair can be preserved and there will be less hair loss. This treatment is particularly effective during the early stage of breast cancer. A side effect of chemotherapy is depressive disorder, which we recommend TMS therapy for treatment.


You will find hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system this year. This will make the Type 1 diabetes more manageable. With this technology, a direct communication is possible between the insulin pump and the glucose monitoring device. So, the blood glucose level can be stabilized. So, patients no longer need to rely on information from the glucose monitor.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

It is a very common sleep disturbance and millions of people are affected by it. The obstructive sleep apnea can lead to heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. The CPAP device is the standard treatment for it, but many patients don’t use it for the inconvenience. An implant has been invented to deliver stimulation to the open key airway muscles while you are asleep. It can be controlled by a remote control and works just like a pacemaker. It uses a breathing sensor and synchronizes air intake with your movement of the tongue.

Cholesterol control

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is known as the ‘bad’ cholesterol. This cholesterol can clog the arteries. A new drug has been developed that can lower the LDL levels by 75%.

These new inventions will be of great demand this year. People will get lots of benefits from it. The scientists are continuing their research works to find our better solutions to various medical problems.

3 Ways Politics Can Affect Our Lives

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May 17, 2018

Politics can affect people’s lives. The decisions that politicians make are crucial for people’s lives and well being. Here are the major ways politics influence lives.

People’s rights

The politicians make decisions about road safety, workplace equality, etc. All these decisions affect people’s lives. If you have any objection to the laws regarding these, you should protest and make the politicians change the laws. That’s how democratic government works.


The number of houses available in a particular area depends on politics. The politicians decide what kind of housing will be built, what will be their rent, etc. Whether the neighborhood is safe or not also depends on the politicians. There should be enough police force in the areas where people live in order to reduce the number of criminal activities.

Prices and taxes

The government decides about the prices of various things that you buy. VAT and tax are imposed on these and these affect the buying power of people. We also need to pay government tax, property development tax, and that is also decided by the government.

You should always keep yourself up-to-date with political news. These will help you to understand what’s going on around you. You will know the latest laws so that you don’t break them. In a democratic country, you have the right to raise your voice. So, if you are concerned about anything that is affecting your life and that of the others, you can talk against the government and help in changing policies. So, you must care about politics always.