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Today is:
Thursday 15th of August 2013
Do you think that Northern Ireland should have devolved tax raising powers?
0 Total Votes

The Boundary Commission has recommended that the Westminster constituency of South Belfast be removed to reduce the number of MPs representing Belfast from 4 to 3. As a South Belfast resident do you agree with this recommendation?
387 Yes
476 No
863 Total Votes

The Universities Minister David Millets has accused students of being a "burden" on the taxpayer and has hinted at an increase in tuition fees. Do you think university fees should rise from the current level of 3,225?
133 Yes
402 No
535 Total Votes

As the saga on the devolution of Policing and Justice continues, what are your views? Do you think
39 Policing and Justice should not be devolved
112 Policing and Justice should be devolved immediately
24 The devolution of Policing and Justice should be delayed to see if we can get a better financial deal
175 Total Votes

There is currently a planning application for an unattended 24 hour filling station on the site of what used to be McGlades Garage on the upper Ormeau Road. Would you welcome this development?
0 Yes
0 No
0 Undecided
0 Total Votes

Proposed changes to City Council boundaries have been published. If you live in the Four Winds, Cairnshill, Beechill or Saintfield Road area, do you want your services delivered by Lisburn City Council or Belfast City Council?
1836 Belfast City Council
55 Lisburn City Council
1891 Total Votes

Fed up with Sinn Fein and the DUP dithering on the new National Stadium? Where do you want it sited? Have your say.
77 Maze
50 Ormeau Park
72 Belfast North foreshore
70 Nowhere - upgrade existing stadia
269 Total Votes

As an MLA, what are the key policies you would like me to focus on
10 Crime & Justice
12 Health (esp Hospital Waiting Lists)
8 The Economy (Jobs, etc.)
9 Getting the Assembly WORKING!!!
39 Total Votes

What do you think is the most important issue in this Assembly election? (for any other options please email mcdonnella@parliament.uk)
7 Water charges
4 Household Rates
3 Education/11+
5 Health/Waiting lists
19 Total Votes

If the Assembly isn't restored, WHO DO YOU BLAME?
78 DUP
8 Sinn Fein
71 British / Irish Governments
4 All of the above
161 Total Votes

Do you think Tony Blair should support Israeli action in Lebanon?
11 Definietly YES
5 Yes, but with reservations
29 Definitiely NO
45 Total Votes

Is sentencing of joy-riders (average sentance three and a half months) tough enough?
10 No
0 Yes
6 There should be a minimum sentence of at least six months
4 Joy-riders should be banned from ever holding a licence
20 Total Votes

Should the Northern Ireland Assembly have full legislative powers?
24 Yes, it should have full powers
0 No, Direct Rule should continue
3 It should have some say in legislation
2 Don't care
29 Total Votes

Do you think a no-smoking ban should be introduced in public places in Northern Ireland?
47 Yes
3 No
9 Not Sure
1 Don't Care
60 Total Votes

Do you think Belfast City Council should introduce the new water charges ?
84 Yes
528 No
64 Don't Care
676 Total Votes

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