All You Need To Know About Roof Installation And Replacement

Everyone wants their house to be beautiful and decorated, with pretty walls and everything; however, they often forget about their roofing, they only pay attention to it after it starts leaking or is extremely damaged. However, people should take care of their roofing system just like they do for their walls or any other part of the house that is visible. People should look out for different signs that will indicate that their roof needs replacement or repair. However, as it is said “prevention is better than cure”, you should take care of your roof and make sure it remains in good condition. Read below to get a better idea about the same.

Here are few tips to keep your roof in good condition-

  • Get a warranty: by getting a warranty while purchasing will ensure that you get a higher quality roof as well as it will ensure that all the future repairs are covered.
  • Trim your trees: make sure to hire a tree cutter for trimming the trees around your house, so that it does not falls on your roof during a storm or become a staircase for animals to climb your roof.
  • Hire a Roof Marketer: make sure you are getting quality roofing leads
  • Check for damages after a storm: make sure to inspect your roof for damage in case of a storm; don’t just assume that it is okay if you didn’t see anything from downwards.
  • Research about underlayment: underlayment is very important for your roofing system; various synthetic materials in the market are of good quality and can help you to extend your roof’s life. So make sure to use them.
  • Proper ventilation: Keep the air moving by installing proper ventilation; this will surely improve the life of your roof. If your roof has a poor ventilation system, the shingles will start cracking and curling.
  • Check leaks: keep on checking for leaks by climbing up the attic and looking for any decolouration on the wood.
  • Look for defects: make sure to inspect your roof from the ground every month, try and manage to stand far so that you get the whole view of your roof and in case you spot a problem finding ways to get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • Keep your roof clean: remove all the debris from your roof especially if there is any moss or algae because they can hold the moisture or water on your roof and that can damage your roof
  • Replace the damaged or missing shingles: check for missing, damaged or curled shingles and replace them right away so that the water does not start getting under the roof and it starts rotting.
  • Get professional help: hire a roofing contractor for an annual inspection, they can assess the whole condition in a better way by standing on top of the roof, you should not climb the roof as it can be dangerous therefore leave this on professionals.

So, this was all about prevention, but what a homeowner should do once the damage is done? Sometimes people can’t even figure out that their roof is getting damaged and only become aware after leakage or greater problem. Therefore, first, they should be aware of the signs that will tell that the roof is damaged and they need roof installation and replacement.

Few signs that will tell that your roof needs replacement-

  • If you have an old roof, by old it means that it is 20- 25 years old then you need a roof replacement. Since typical asphalt shingle roof lasts for 20 to 25 years. Therefore, go through your home improvement records and check the age of your roof.
  • If your roof has many curling and missing shingles and that is visible from the ground, then your roof needs a replacement.
  • Your roof needs to be re-installed if you see broken or damaged flashing; damaged flashing is a signal that your roof is at risk for water damage.
  • If ice dams are appearing on the edge of your roof, it means there are some issues with your roof’s ventilation. Hence this is also a signal that your roof needs a replacement.
  • Another signal for roof damage is discoloured walls and stained ceiling; it shows that there is some leakage in your roofing system, and you need a roofing contractor.

So, now that you know what are some of the signals that will tell you about your damaged roof, we should concentrate on what should be done to make it alright? And the answer to that is hiring a roofing contractor. You need to contact a roof installation and replacement company, and they will send their representative for the inspection of your roof. He will then tell you the things that need to be done to make your roof new again. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to hire the right roofer.

Steps to hire a right roofer

Therefore, these things will help you to make your roof new and beautiful.

  • Get a referral: if you are looking for a reliable contractor, the best way is to contact a friend who has had work done on his/her roof. Talk to them and ask the person about their experience and if you get good feedback, you can try that contractor.
  • Meet them: invite the contractor for your roof inspection and talk to them, if they seem to have well knowledge about the system and can make you understand everything correctly then you can hire them
  • Do some research: you have internet, browse about various contractors in your area, read their websites, check their experience and read the reviews. Now, shortlist the contractors you find good and do some research about them by asking from lumber yards or the hardware stores or see if you know any person that took their services.
  • Get everything written: don’t just rely on their words, don’t begin the work until you have signed a contract that has details about all the aspect of the job.