Tesla Car Paint Shops

Car painting solutions are quite effective in revolutionizing the automobile industry. With advanced options being put forward by several industries, Tesla has introduced its own facility of car paint shops, which readily customizes the requirements of all car owners and highly keeps all of its requests at hand. By the introduction of such a facility, the company has decided to double its sales and create a better approach for its customers. The paints shop likely use effective energy solutions to make the colours and then incorporate other technologies into it to make it smoother. With such an overwhelming introduction, the company aims at better car painting solutions so that the customers are satisfied with their own car images.

What are the pre-requisites before painting a car?

In order to paint a car, the surface has to be ripped off its earlier colour. In addition to that, the other requirements are as follows:

  • Park the car in a well-ventilated area-
    Ventilation is really important when the task of painting a car arises. Car paints are basically toxic in nature and when the job is taken up, experts usually park the car in a well-ventilated area so that the toxicity doesn’t enter into the system. Applying paint on the top of the car requires the individual to be safe of the effects of car paint.
  • Get rid of the old paint-
    No car painting can take place until and unless the old car paint is stripped of the car. The new car paint needs a smoother surface to settle down and therefore, getting rid of the previous paint is highly recommended.

Providing great solutions for car paints:

Tesla is unique for its car paint options. The way the car painting is done is exclusively rested to the company alone. The Innovations incorporated into the system cannot be indicated or compared with the rest of the companies. But how is the painting done? Let’s find out.

  • Since the latest machines are used by the company, robots have also been introduced in the painting process. Tesla car paint shops are equipped with the latest options so that the painting is done quickly and without any problematic situations.
  • Apart from introducing updated certifications in the car painting procedure, the way the paints are actually made is more than just unique. The colour options likely streamlined contains a mixture of 3 to 4 colours. This is again dried in order to lighten one shade of colour and then mix the other one. Tesla confirms that this unique way of colour mixing has a lot to do with the overall final gloss that is given to the car. The whole process is surely time taking but the final result is the production of unmatched colour that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • The production of the colour held at the factories in done under strict hygienic conditions. There are lots of toxic elements present while the paints are manufactured. In order to avoid frequent shut down of life, Tesla maintains a good working environment for its workers so that the production of the paint never stops.

The Unlimited guarantee of car paint options:

The car paint options can be chosen according to the needs and requirements of the customer. This ensures that the entire processes customized and just in tune with the desired preferences. Since the work is taken up by experts, a lot of other factors also correlate with the process of car paint. In order to get full satisfaction with the painting procedure undertaken by Tesla, a few tips guarantee a better car painting experience-

  • Get the car inspection done before painting-
    No one wants their private car to be dirty with all of the repairing elements once the paint has been done. Therefore, it is essential for the car owners to get all of the inspection done beforehand so that the paint stays intact for more years.
  • Choose the paint that you want-
    Tesla always wants its owners to get hold of the best car paint. Therefore, the options are kept limitless and the individuals can freely choose in between the colours that are the most suitable ones. Once the painting is done it can’t be removed. Therefore, the owners are given ample time to select the desired colour option for the car.

Painting the car uplifts the aesthetic of the vehicle from a different perspective. The gloss of the paint makes the car whole new and if maintained properly, the paint sustains for years.

Ways to take care of car paint:

Once the car has been coated with the paint, Tesla ensures the fact that the paint must be taken care of with full sustenance. Some of the ways to take care of the paint are as follows:

  • Do not scratch the sides of the car-
    Paints can likely come off if there is a small scratch in the car. Scratching can hamper the paint in several ways and therefore, one must take care of it from all sides so that it doesn’t come off too easily.
  • Get a gloss cover added to the car-
    In order to keep the paint for a longer time period, Tesla car painting initiates in getting a gloss cover added on top of the car paint. The gloss cover actually protects the car from external elements like wind, dust and keeps the painting all new and fresh. In addition to that, one can also reinstall the gloss cover if it is somehow damaged.

Does Tesla car painting provide all of the car painting solutions?

Tesla offers all of the car painting solutions that owners are actually looking for. The demand for car paintings is solely because of the high-quality paints that are produced, which has everything incorporated according to customer preferences. The need to fulfil all of the car painting dreams can be easily fulfilled with Tesla, as it offers certified painting of the vehicle without extra costs.