If you have interest in politics, medical or education, then you can write for us. These are very important topics of discussions nowadays. People talk about these all the time. You can write about any research work, news or any important information on these topics.

General guidelines

  • Your article must be informative and engaging. You should choose a topic that the reader will find interesting.
  • Your heading must be very catchy. The first few paragraphs are very important to capture the readers’ attention. You should write engaging content in those paragraphs particularly.
  • You should use short sentences and paragraphs. Use bullets wherever appropriate.
  • Your word limit is 500 to 1,000 words.
  • You should make sure that your content is grammatically correct.
  • Check for spelling mistakes before submission.
  • You should choose your words carefully. You must write in conversational tone so that it’s understandable by readers of all levels.
  • You must include high quality images to support your writing. Make sure there is no copyright issue with the images.
  • Write a short author bio. You can add a link to your site from here.

Your article must be well researched. If you write about any news, you should mention the source and ensure that it is authentic. Your article will be reviewed by our team and we will notify you of our decision soon. Thank you for your interest in writing for us.