McDonnell questions Secretary of State on implementation of Haass/O’Sullivan proposals

SDLP Leader and MP for South Belfast Alasdair McDonnell has questioned the Secretary of State Theresa Villiers on the UK government’s commitment to working with political parties and the Irish government to ensure the implementation of the Haass/O’Sullivan proposals .

Wed 8th January

Dr McDonnell was speaking after a statement made by the Secretary of State in relation to the Haass/O’Sullivan process.

He asked:

“The Secretary of State will recall that on previous occasions when the Haass process was mentioned that I had urged a much greater involvement at an earlier stage by both the British and Irish governments to ensure that a positive outcome with a determined implementation and legislative programme was put in place. Because it wasn’t just about the talks themselves or the conclusion they came to, there needs to be a major follow through process. That is still required.

“I believe that a lot has been achieved. It’s not just that the glass is half full, the glass is three quarters full.

“Can I Urge SOS to ensure that her government now engages more intensively and hands on, proactively, with the parties, with the Irish government and with Richard Haass and his team and takes the lead to ensure implementation of considerable progress. And ensure legislation, where required, is initiated and to ensure that the resolution of outstanding issues is achieved.”

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