Recent Council elections show potential for growth

The SDLP secured 66 seats in the new super councils across Northern Ireland.

 An unprecedented 40% of the new SDLP councillors are women, changing the face of politics both within the SDLP and within the new councils. 33% of the newly elected SDLP councillors are first time candidates, showing a strong renewal within the party.

 The party also grew our vote in key areas such as Fermanagh and Omagh giving a strong base from which to work for the future.

 I want to acknowledge and thank all the SDLP candidates, their families and their teams of party activists and supporters. Their hard work and commitment has brought us this result. I am confident that those candidates who were not successful this time have great political futures ahead of them.

 I know that the newly elected SDLP councillors will show clearly who is going to do the most good and show the most positive local leadership.

 The new Super Councils may not be as powerful as Stormont but they need to deliver for the people. They need to earn their keep and provide good value for money and I am confident that the SDLP councillors will provide the necessary leadership.”

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