NI Questions at Westminster – British Govt must be fully engaged in negotiations on emblems, parading and the past


“Tensions are high in communities across Northern Ireland ahead of the beginning of the Marching season. The failure of other parties to sign up to the Haass/O’Sullivan proposals and the perceived detachment of the British government from that process has only made things worse.


“With new talks aimed at achieving resolution based on the work done by Dr Haass and Meghan O’Sullivan beginning soon, it is imperative that the British and Irish governments are fully engaged and active participants in the search for resolution.


“I welcome the Secretary of State’s commitment to upholding the lawful determinations of the Parades Commission. Disappointingly, however, she continues to be non-committal about the active involvement of the Governments in any future process. Both governments need to be at the table and use their influence to ensure that we achieve a lasting settlement.”


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