Hallett Report regarding On-The-Runs must not be allowed to impede the political process.

The Hallet Review Report in relation to the OTR letters was published by the British Government this morning.

“Justice Hallett conducted this review into secret letters issued to republican terrorism suspects under time constraints and I want to acknowledge and thank Justice Hallett for her diligence and efforts.

It is evident that the SDLP were right at the time to warn previous Labour governments about the risks associated with side and secret deals.

Justice Hallett confirms the deep flaws in the OTR scheme as it had no structure, no policy and no risk assessment that would allow for errors to be rectified.

It is evident that the lack of transparency around this scheme has caused considerable hurt and distress to victims. I was pleased to hear the Secretary of State acknowledge this.

I hope that no one will use the contents of this report to impede political progress in Northern Ireland by using it as an excuse to refuse to engage fully and honestly with each other.

We have neglected to deal honestly with the past. The legacy of the Past hangs over us like a massive Alpine glacier and if we fail to deal with it bits will continue to break off and cause hurt.

The revelations make it the re-establishment of all-party talks even more urgent. We must now progress in a spirit of honesty and transparency.”

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