Questions to the Secretary of State

Questions to the Secretary of State during Northern Ireland Questions in Westminster on Wednesday 16th July


I asked the Secretary of State:

Could the Secretary of State confirm that an independent arbitration body is absolutely necessary to arbitrate on contentious parades and would she confirm that the parades commission is the law and that those who want to support law and order must support the parades commission rulings even if they disagree with the detail of that decision?


Secretary of State Theresa Villiers:

Yes I can – as I’ve said – the Parades Commission is the lawfully constituted authority – its determinations have the force of law – they must be obeyed and I welcome the huge efforts made over the weekend to ensure that the determination in North Belfast was obeyed. I’m afraid we always will I think need some form of body to adjudicate parades where there is no local agreement but I hope in all cases as much effort is made to try and reach a local agreement so there isn’t a further need for a determination

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