A tribute to Alex Salmond

I wish to pay tribute to Alex Salmond in the wake of his resignation as First Minister and as leader of the SNP following the success of the Better Together campaign in the Scottish Referendum.

I fully understand Alex Salmond’s reasoning for taking a step back after a hectic campaign. He has set Scotland on a very robust course for self-assertion in the years ahead.

Under the leadership of the Alex Salmond, the Scottish Party National has shown how independence campaigns should be fought. Alex Salmond led a dignified campaign where proper time and space was taken to debate the issues, ideas and policies. The high level of voter registration and voter turnout was an indication of the level of engagement and interest in the campaign and Alex Salmond has to take his credit for that.

I have known Alex Salmond as a colleague in Westminster over many years and he is one of the most formidable politicians on these islands. He has made a huge contribution to public life in Scotland and his legacy will be one of immense public service.”

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