Parties here must take inspiration from Scottish campaign in Talks

“The Scottish National Party has shown how independence campaigns should be fought. It was a campaign where proper time and space was taken to debate the issues fully and this along with the incredibly high turnout has meant that the democratic process has been the true winner. The people of Scotland have engaged in a rational, sensible debate on their future. This was a campaign of ideas, policies and debates not violence, death and intimidation. The futility of our own recent history has been drawn into stark contrast.

The SNP have taken forward how politics in terms of how the ‘union’ is defined. It is essential that the parties in the Northern Ireland Executive learn these lessons. We cannot continue to have limited politics. We must maximise our own politics and devolution. We need to maximise our achievements for the good of all of our people.

The SDLP will closely monitor the actions of the Westminster government now as we enter our own talk process to resolve the outstanding issues that continue to stagnate our politics and government. Scotland will now emerge as a radically altered country, but they will be absolutely assured of continued support and friendship of the people of Northern Ireland.

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