Postive news on retention of RTE longwave signal

Its good news that RTE have postponed the decision to shut the longwave radio transmitter. The signal was due to cease in mid January, and with the medium wave service having ended in 2008, it left listeners reliant on the FM signal. RTE have confirmed that the service will now be maintained to 2017, and research will be commissioned in relation to how listeners outside of Ireland access the service.

I have been contacted by constituents who were worried about losing this link, given the often patchy FM signal in Northern Ireland. I would like to acknowledge the political representations that were made on this issue, and that the Department of Foreign Affairs will now commission research to better understand the community in the UK who use longwave to listen to RTE 1. I have also written to senior Ministers to ask them to remember the needs of listeners in Northern Ireland when considering future changes.

2 thoughts on “Postive news on retention of RTE longwave signal

    1. Hi Tom. Its available, but the signal for example on FM is not always reliable. Not always accesible, so then many do rely on longwave. RTE TV is available on the Freeview platform, although certain programmes are blocked due to broadcasting rights (likes of sports)

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