We stand with them

Today in the Assembly I extended solidarity to the people of France in the wake of attacks in Paris last week. I asserted that the people of Northern Ireland will stand with France and Europe against terrorism.

Last week an awful and unimaginable tragedy struck the city of Paris. The impact of this terrible event has been felt across France, Europe and the wider world. Perhaps the hardest thing for the international community to come to terms with is that this atrocity was not an act of God- it was manmade, planned and ruthless.

The people of Northern Ireland stand in support of the victims of this attack. We have known our fair share of suffering, and we stand shoulder to shoulder in total solidarity with those who were killed and injured in Paris last week, as well as their friends and families.

We hope that this tragic event can unite the people of France, Europe and the World, together against terrorism and violence. It was very positive to see how millions have gathered with respect and great dignity. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million people came together in Paris over the weekend to march ‘Against Hatred’ and ‘For History’.

The support which has been shown by the world leaders, standing together, linking arms, was unprecedented. Terrorism has failed here, and it will continue to fail. The people of Paris, France and Europe will continue to stand up against terrorism, and we will gladly stand in solidarity with them.

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