Met with Senior Tesco management on proposed Cregagh Rd Store closure

Myself and my colleagues Fearghal McKinney MLA and Cllr Kate Mullan met with Senior Tesco Management today to highlight the local depth of feeling about the unexpected announcement of the closure of the Tesco Store on the Cregagh Road, with the potential loss of 59 full and part-time staff.

There is currently a strong community campaign going on to keep the store open and the MP and I wanted to to stand by the staff and local residents by meeting with Tesco and raising the level of local opposition to this move.

My Colleagues and I took the opportunity in our meeting to make it clear to Tesco the impact on both the staff and the local community if this store closes. I felt it was very important to stress the 40 year history of a supermarket on this site and the fact that some employees have given years of service both to Tesco and its predecessor.

The Tesco store on the Cregagh Road is very much at the heart of this community, meeting the needs of local residents. It serves as a hub for other retail stores and cafes in this area and there is genuine fear about the knock on impact this closure would have on the local economy.

We asked that the issues we raised be reported back to Tesco Heaquarters and we look forward to hearing back from them.

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