Prime Ministers Questions – NI Parading

Today in Parliament I asked Prime Minister Cameron directly if he agreed that following disgraceful scenes in North Belfast this week the Loyal orders should take up the offer from local residents to engage in direct dialogue to reach a meaningful resolution on disputes.

2 thoughts on “Prime Ministers Questions – NI Parading

  1. Mark

    What has north Belfast got to do with you when your mp for South Belfast I live in Carryduff supermarket and bank’s have closed and you do nothing I might see you in five years when you are looking for my vote not a chance for

    1. Hi Mr Stewart. I am a South Belfast MP, but also SDLP party leader, which encompasses all of Northern Ireland. Myself and colleagues in SDLP South Belfast continue to work on issues relating to Carryduff, and I am happy to represent you and take on board any ideas you may have. Please feel free to contact me office at 90 242474.

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