Following the shock and fallout from the EU Referendum vote on 23 June 2016 Alasdair hosted a debate in the Wellington Park Belfast called ‘Brexit-Where do we go from here?’ to allow South Belfast constituents to have their say on the outcome.

Our panellists included Economist Susan Hayes Culleton, Steve Aiken MLA and Dr Lee McGowan.

Constituents continued to contact Alasdair right across the summer. Many were deeply concerned about their children’s future prospects, their standard of living and their security and safety in a post-Brexit era.

We held a meeting in the Wellington Park Belfast on 15 September 2016, which followed on from our previous public meeting on 4 July 2016. Constituents presented their views in a passionate and robust fashion.

Our panellists included Philip Smith MLA and Dr David Phinnemore from Queens University Belfast.    Alasdair committed to working with people from civic society, the business world and other politicians to ensure that we get the best deal possible for Northern Ireland during Brexit discussions.

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