Education is a basic human right and it is sad that many people around the world are deprived of this right. It is estimated that about 59 million children around the world are not going to school. The figure is very alarming and the governments of each country must take a drastic step to change the scenario. Here are the ways education can help a nation to become developed.

Escape from poverty

By not getting a proper education, people are losing the chance to get a decent job. They cannot support their family and develop the community. Education can make great changes to the lives of people. They will be able to get good jobs and improve the status of their families.

The prosperity of the country

By not going to school, people are not learning the basic skills to work. If these people get the right education, they can fill up the gap in the labor market. They will learn problem-solving skills, critical thinking, etc. that are needed in the job market. They will become computer literate and will be able to adapt to the changing job market needs. Their skills can be utilized for the prosperity of the country. Quality education is directly related to economic and social development. Girls should also be sent to school. By allowing gender parity, a country will become more developed.

Learn functional skills

Education is not only necessary for getting a job. It will help people to lead and healthy and good life. They will learn the functional skill. They will be able to take care of their health, know what to do when they face any danger, and more. The things they learn in schools and other educational institutions will become an asset for their entire life.

The job market is becoming short of labors. According to the International Labour Organization, about 280 million jobs will be required to be filled up by the year 2019. The government must work with various public and private sector organizations to ensure that quality education is provided to the people. These educated people will develop the nation and make it a better place to live in.