rosetta-road-east-1I was contacted in September 2016 by a number of constituents concerned about the lack of central markings (white lines) on Rosetta Road East.  It was suggested that the lack of central markings was making Rosetta Road East very dangerous.

A lack of white markings at the ends of Willowbank Drive and Willowbank Park also contributed to the dangerous conditions.

I lobbied Transport NI and requested road improvements to address the very obvious safety concerns raised by constituents.

Transport NI agreed to my request for road improvements.

They will be providing central markings (white lines) along Rosetta Road East to join the existing markings at Rosetta Road to the markings at the bend near Willowbank Drive.

Transport NI will also provide Give Way markings on Willowbank Drive and Willowbank Park at Rosetta Road East.

I firmly believe that the works undertaken by Transport NI will make Rosetta Road East and the surrounding streets a lot safer for both motorists and pedestrians.


My office has been inundated with calls, emails and distressed constituents calling in telling me that their tax credits have been stopped without any notice.


Thousands of people have had their tax credits stopped after Concentrix said they were making fraudulent claims.

As you can imagine, constituents are extremely distressed as they are being accused of fraud.  Not only that, they have had their money stopped until they can prove they are single claimants.

To date, my office has successfully helped to reverse many unfair decisions.

If you have received a letter from Concentrix regarding your tax credits and you need help, please do not hesitate to contact my office on 028 90242474 or email me on

TAKING ACTION: Overgrown laneway alasdair-and-declan-boyle-clearing-the-laneway-in-stranmillis-for-use-of-local-residentsbetween Stranmillis Road and Hillside Drive

Alasdair was contacted by a number of residents in the Stranmillis area who were concerned about the local laneway being so overgrown that it was becoming dangerous and inaccessible for pedestrians.

Transport NI were contacted to enquire whether they would be willing to undertake the necessary works to bring the laneway up to a standard for residents to use it.

Unfortunately Transport NI informed Alasdair that the laneway was not owed or adopted by them and therefore they are not responsible got its ongoing maintenancleared-laneway-in-stranmillis-2ce.

Alasdair spoke to Cllr Declan Boyle about mobilising volunteers to clear the laneway.  They both arranged for volunteers from within the SDLP to help.

Alasdair, Declan and there team of volunteers leafleted the area before carrying out the work to ask if any local residents could help in anyway.

On Friday 30th October 2016, the laneway was cleared. A number of residents joined the team of volunteers to clear the laneway and clean up.

Thank you to all the residents who came out to help, it was much appreciated.

cutting-grass-verges-in-primrose-hillTAKING ACTION: Cutting Grass Verges in Primrose Hill, Castlereagh

The MP’s office received an upsurge in calls about grass verges in South Belfast not being cut.

Alasdair contacted Transport NI to highlight the concerns of local residents only to be told that the grass verges would not be cut due to financial restraints.

So with Transport NI refusing to carry out the work, Alasdair decided to take action. He arranged for volunteers from within the SDLP to cut the grass verges.

Alasdair and his team leafleted the area before carrying out the work to ask if any local residents could help in anyway. A number of residents joined the team of volunteers cutting the grass and cleaning up.  The volunteers were also treated to cold refreshments from a very kind local resident.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the local residents who came out to help. It was a great demonstration of community action.