Politics can affect people’s lives. The decisions that politicians make are crucial for people’s lives and well being. Here are the major ways politics influence lives.

People’s rights

The politicians make decisions about road safety, workplace equality, etc. All these decisions affect people’s lives. If you have any objection to the laws regarding these, you should protest and make the politicians change the laws. That’s how democratic government works.


The number of houses available in a particular area depends on politics. The politicians decide what kind of housing will be built, what will be their rent, etc. Whether the neighborhood is safe or not also depends on the politicians. There should be enough police force in the areas where people live in order to reduce the number of criminal activities.

Prices and taxes

The government decides about the prices of various things that you buy. VAT and tax are imposed on these and these affect the buying power of people. We also need to pay government tax and that is also decided by the government.

You should always keep yourself up-to-date with political news. These will help you to understand what’s going on around you. You will know the latest laws so that you don’t break them. In a democratic country, you have the right to raise your voice. So, if you are concerned about anything that is affecting your life and that of the others, you can talk against the government and help in changing policies. So, you must care about politics always.